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Brinscall History: Text

Brinscall was a station on the Lancashire Union and Lancashire and Yorkshire railways joint line, which ran from Wigan to Blackburn. The line was in two parts, leaving the West Coast main line at Boars Head station, just north of Wigan, and running to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway’s Bolton, Chorley and Preston line, which it joined at a junction just north of Adlington Station. Intermediate stations were provided at Red Rock, and White Bear, which was the name of the station in Adlington on the joint line.

After Chorley station, the other section of the line diverged to the north east and intermediate stations were provided at Heapey, Brinscall, Withnell and Feniscoles, before joining the Preston to Blackburn line , just before Cherry Tree station.

The Lancashire Union Raileay became part of the London and North Western Railway, which merged with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in 1922, and in turn this became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway in 1923.

Brinscall History: Text

Both sections of line opened to goods on 1st November 1869, and to passengers on the 1st of December that year.

Boars Head station closed on the 31st January 1949. Red Rock closed to passengers on 26th September 1949, and to goods on 2nd September 1957.

The remaining stations closed to passengers on 4th January 1960, with the Chorley Balckburn section being completely closed on 3rd January 1966. The Wigan to Chorley section lasted until 25th May 1971.

Brinscall was the highest point put on the line at 588 feet above sea level. The gradient from Chorley was 1 in 65, and that towards Blackburn was 1 in 60.

Timetables for certain years are available online at

Brinscall History: Text
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